Designing an infographic for a high-impact R&D project funded by the EC

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In cooperation with PathoGelTrap project, coordinated by a high-tech start-up called SmartWater Planet, the student will try to design an infographic showing the potential impact from the project in terms of health and/or environment.

The task will start with a 1h training session with RTDI around the task, the project and how to define key impact indicators. It will be followed right away with a 1h interview with the start-up and RTDI to learn about the project’s objectives, results, participants, and expected impact (qualitatively).

Over the following days, the student will send his/her suggestion for an infographic, which will be revised by the start-up and RTDI, who will give him/her feedback (what they like and why, what they will change and why). Also, the student will be informed if they will go ahead preparing the infographic or not (the student will design it, and its preparation will be in hands of a graphical designer).

Student will need to sign an NDA.

Experience provider


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8 hours

Estimated dates

18/11/2021 – 31/12/2021

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Learning outcome

You will be trained in the following transferable skills…

  • Communicating results of research
  • Creative thinking
  • Understanding possible impact of own research
  • Seeking and processing information
  • Prototyping


*If you have any question or doubt about this mini project, contact us.