Developing key communication messages to promote EU funded project in the business and start-up community

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The aim of the task is to develop key communication messages and prepare a material supporting promotion of project focusing on research careers in life sciences in business and start-up community. The communication messages should help (1) engage private sector companies in the project activities and (2) highlight what is the added value of employing PhDs and how they can contribute to innovation in the private sector. The task includes defining key communication messages, selecting of the suitable format and communication platform, drafting the content of the communication outcome and updating it according to the feedback of target audience. The outcomes of the project focusing on research careers in life science sector in region Vienna-Bratislava will be available to feed the content.

Experience provider


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40 hours

Estimated dates

November /December 2021

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Learning outcome

You will be trained in the following transferable skills…

  • Creative thinking
  • Communicating results of research
  • Communicating ideas to different audiences
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Working across disciplinary boundaries


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