Journalistic tips for scientists

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In relation with the Discovery Learning webinar on storytelling of science, the students will have the chance to work hand by hand with professionals of scientific communication. Those students taking the storytelling of science webinar will be able to apply to this miniproject.

The student will have to draft the news for the project website about the webinar she/he had received in the framework of DISCOVERY LEARNING.

At the end of this task they will be peer reviewed by the person in charge of this task, and he/she will be mentioned in the twitter’s publication of FECYT and the website of DISCOVERY LEARNING once the news item has been published.

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3 hours

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Learning outcome

You will be trained in the following transferable skills…

  • Seeking and processing information
  • Creative thinking
  • Working in team
  • Communicating results of research


*If you have any question or doubt about this mini project, please contact us.