The work packages

The work plan is characterized by the following elements:

  • Improving transparency, interaction and cooperation between the partners and the relevant stakeholders.
  • Exchange and dissemination of information throughout all stages of the work plan.
  • Providing an efficient and effective management of the project.
  • Setting the basis for real sustainability of project results.
  • Creating a critical mass of stakeholders working together in improving effectiveness of training for building transferable skills to PhD candidates and young holders.

Given their importance in relation to fulfilling our objectives and achieving the impact desired, Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation will be addressed from the very beginning of the project (WP3), devoted to generating impact and the engagement of stakeholders. Furthermore, WP1 “Map of transferable skills for open science and innovation and Career counselling” will focus on the preparation of the ontology for DISCOVERY LEARNING maps of transferable skills in open science and innovation to be used as a toll for career counselling. WP2 “Testing and validating DISCOVERY LEARNING paradigms and methodologies” deals with the provision of contents and training process, activation of key stakeholders towards validation, demonstration, improvement, and knowledge creation. Besides, during the project, we will have to design full plans for future sustainability of project’s results, which will be carried out also in WP3.

Although each work-package is clearly defined by its own function, the structure of the work plan is characterised by interdependencies between them. In many cases the input of various partners is essential for the full realization and far reaching impact of every single WP. As they have complementary and reinforcing skills to a high degree, the joint efforts will also determine the quality of the project.

DISCOVERY LEARNING components and interrelationships
DISCOVERY LEARNING components and interrelationships

The duration of the project will be of 18 months, finishing with the completion of activities related to dissemination and exploitation of knowledge and results in order to achieve the biggest and widest impact possible.


DISCOVERY LEARNING work plan is divided in 4 work-packages (WPs) with several tasks:

This WP led by SAIA and has the following objectives:

  • Building an ontology of transferable skills with particular focus into open science and innovation, to support discovering of training gaps and opportunities;
  • Preparing career counselling instruments/tools and implementing career counselling into DISCOVERY LEARNING training process;
  • Giving valuable support to trainees participating into Project’s training by helping them using acquired skills to improve employability and designing long-term learning pathways.

This WP is led by UiO and has the following objectives:

  • Creating an initial critical mass of trainees
  • Preparing the contents, experiences, dynamics and processes for effective training of transversal skills related to open science and innovation targeting PhD-candidates
  • Defining a list of KPIs for benchmarking DISCOVERY LEARNING courses
  • Testing and validating DISCOVERY LEARNING paradigms under real world conditions (Proof of Concept);
  • Exploring and assessing different types of learning per skill;
  • Generating, maximising and compiling knowledge for and from the Project, and making it ready for strong dissemination
  • Preparation of DISCOVERY LEARNING White Paper
  • Experimenting and gaining experience for the final definition of DISCOVERY LEARNING skill building model (from operational, social and sustainability / exploitation perspectives).

This WP is led by FECYT and has the following objectives:

  • Maximizing the impact at the European level by planning and implementing an effective dissemination and communication strategy
  • Promoting collaboration with other projects and networks, including European Commission-funded initiatives, which fall within the scope of the topic (from Partners’ contacts and beyond)
  • Networking with and engagement of training content and technology providers;
  • Pivoting around the relationship model with content users (trainees and trainers), and organizing focus groups and surveys to stakeholders;
  • Creating an active seed community for the future expanding of DISCOVERY LEARNING model.
  • Publish research results as open access through relevant channels, actively disseminating the results to the target audiences
  • Plan and prepare for exploitation where the project’s partners, using and further developing the assets produced in the project, will implement the related models on the market;
  • Manage the knowledge generated in the project and to adequately protect the project IPR.

This WP is led by RTDI and has the following objectives:

  •  Meeting the objectives of the project within budget and time frame;
  • Ensuring project compliance with H2020 rules;
  • Coordinating project activities and ensuring effective internal communication;
  • Carrying out quality control of the work performed and of deliverables;
  • Identifying risks or conflict situations and resolving them.
  • Manage and coordinate the financial and the technical reporting and the exchange of information.