Communicating research results to different audiences

closed opportunity

During this webinar the participants will acquire practical tips and tricks on how to use different communication tools in their own benefit and show all the possibilities of mixing scientific careers with journalistic related skills. The participants will gain an overview of the links between research and journalism disciplines.

The objectives of this training are that participants:

  • Understand the different elements that play in communication and how to manage them actively (speaker, listener, message, channel, noise). Reflect together on what are the key elements for effective communication.
  • Learn the basics of storytelling techniques as the grounds onto which one builds particular communication mechanisms, and get experience by working some use cases
  • Deepen-up in the educational power of communication
  • Experiment with new communication possibilities also useful for science (podcasts, mini-books, memes, masterclasses…).



You will learn though...

  • Work-based learning
  • Connection with practitioners'


3,5 hours

Date & Time

April 25th, 2022

9:30 AM -1:00 PM CET



Learning outcome

You will be trained in the following transferable skills…

  • Core skills: Communicating results of research, Working across disciplinary boundaries, Embracing diversity, Analysing problems
  • Impact skills: Communicating ideas to different audiences, Mobilising funding, User focus, Networking and building alliances

Suitable career paths

  • Researcher
  • Personnel in Marketing teams
  • Personnel in Projects Offices
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Dissemination leaders in R&D projects