How leadership plays a crucial role in research and innovation

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Managing R&I from ideas towards societies is one of the greatest life challenges a researcher can uptake. Strong scientific and managerial skills will be needed to make it come true, although it will not be enough. Leadership is a must, and is different from managing. Managers apply procedures and tools for fulfiling objectives and keeping projects within their limits, they belong to the present, and make it possible for projects to keep going. Leaders create visions, leverage potential for the future, and guide the team along the R&I journey; they make it possible for projects to grow. We have devoted some webinars to the formers, we now want to focus onto leadership.

The objective of this webinar is that participants:

  1. Fully understand the differences between management and leadership, their importance and implications
  2. Feel confident with the main functions of a leader and related methods and tools (different from project management)
  3. Gain experience in these functions by working hand in hand with practitioners over real study cases
  4. Build step by step guidelines for day-to-day leadership in R&I



You will learn though...

  • Worked-based learning
  • Connection with practitioners'


3,5 hours

Date & Time

19th May

9:30 AM -1:00 PM CET

Learning outcome

You will be trained in the following transferable skills…

  • Leadership
  • Working in team, Analysing problems
  • Growth mindset and initiative

Suitable career paths

  • Researcher
  • R&D manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Project manager
  • Project coordinator (i.e., in Horizon Europe projects or similar)
  • Personnel in Research Projects Offices
  • Entrepreneurship