Presential training at UiO on Business Mindset

University of Oslo_image

On 14th March, DISCOVERY LEARNING has participated in a webinar on entrepreneurial and business initiative skills, where students from the University of Oslo had the chance to explore commercial career paths within the framework of their field of research.

The seminar provided a brief research-based guide on what counts the most at business and how to gauge and unlock own potential. The session was led by a selected group of practitioners in order to connect students with the dynamics of worked-based learning. They went in depth about their personal experiences as it unfolded, showing important observations and insights from their careers.

The journey was divided in two main parts;

  1. The first part covered the academic perspective. It went into what research tell us about the skills and habits needed to succeed and the effective methods improve these group of skills and habits.
  2. The second part covered the practitioner’s perspective, showing their perspective, insights and personal experiences as well as insights from their careers.