Participating in organizing a focus group

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Within the activities of Discovery Learning, several focus groups are to be organised with students, professors, experts in transferable skills and stakeholders related to policymaking. The mentee will be able to experiment around the organisation of one of this groups, potentially one addressing students.

The task will start with a 1,5h training session with RTDI around the task, the project, and relevant existing mechanisms to be used to run focus groups. Some other partners could also take part in this session.

Over the following days, the student will send his/her suggestion for the mechanism or set of mechanisms he/she would use and how (a document describing his/her idea of session’s agenda and dynamics), which will be revised by RTDI, who will give him/her feedback (what they like and why, what they will change and why, how does the final agenda and dynamics really looks like and why).

Finally, the student will be given the opportunity to participate in the real session and see how it really happens.

Experience provider


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16 hours

Estimated dates

17/01/2022 – 21/02/2022

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Learning outcome

You will be trained in the following transferable skills…

  • Engaging stakeholders
  • User focus
  • Encouraging co-creation
  • Working in team


*If you have any question or doubt about this mini project, please write to the following address and we will be glad to help you: