Project Management

Project Management

Abilities directly or indirectly related to project management are included in all frameworks describing transferable skills. Skills such as planning, risk management, conflict and problem resolution, teamwork, scenario analysis and leadership (directly related skills), and creativity and communication (skills indirectly related or on which, somehow, the previous ones settle). Project management is essential to carry forward initiatives, ideas and processes of group or individual change, and in that sense, it is considered a fundamental training. Additionally, it allows the simultaneous development of a very unique set of transferable skills, with a high potential for impact on the future professional performance of participants.

This webinar is prepared so that participants can immediately apply what they learn. and specially designed to enhance each of the transferable skills mentioned above, as well as creating synergies between them. It is based on RTDI's extensive experience in managing R&I projects, which are characterized by their uncertainty and risk, and by the special characteristics of the people who work in them, thus providing an interesting learning framework.

Learning outcome

That participants:

  • Feel confident in the use of the baseline jargon of project management, and how to explain it to other people.
  • Have practiced designing the Work Breakdown Structure and defining and managing project deliverables and milestones. Also, to differentiate project timing possibilities (Gantt).
  • Have deepen up the qualities of a good Project Manager, as well as the main functional areas of Project Management according to the standards of the PMI (Project Management Institute).