Effective training of transferrable skills related to open science and innovation for early-stage researchers

DISCOVERY LEARNING pursues a new training model in the curricula for early stage researchers (ESRs) in order to promote open science and innovation in their pathways, achieving replicable and sustainable results over time.

The ultimate goal is to establish a set of knowledge performance indicators (KPIs) about what works in higher education for training on transferable skills related to open science and innovation and, in doing so, to broaden the spectrum of career and job opportunities for the young researchers who choose to join our method.

For this purpose, DISCOVERY LEARNING model involves different players (academic & non-academic) and types of training (digital, gamified & work-based), taking advantage of blended learning to integrate non-academic environments and practitioners.

The methodology will be tested with a relevant portfolio of training contents. Our pilot project will be implemented into UiO Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, but seminars and activities will be open for any candidate who wants to join us.

This project has received funding from the European Union's 2020 research and innovation ''programme under grant agreement No. 101006452''

DISCOVERY LEARNING will address 3 challenges:

DISCOVERY LEARNING will tackle the potential of blended learning to promote the inclusion of transferable skills in the academic curricula, always based on the experience-based training process.

DISCOVERY LEARNING focuses into transferable skills related to open science and innovation.

DISCOVERY LEARNING will test the potential of the methodologies proposed to engage ESRs in the countinuous training of transferable skills. This project will also promote evaluation based on purpose-related effectiveness, both in relation to the evaluation of trainees as well as the assessment of training quality itlsef.




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